ell, yeah, of course she is. This feels painfully obvious to a lot of (mostly trans) people, and likewise it feels painfully obvious to me too, in retrospect. It has also become painfully obvious to me that I, myself, am trans. But these are things that I was not aware…

I get a lot of questions about how the physics work in TowerFall and Celeste. It’s a very simple system that I arrived at after about a decade of experimenting with tile-based platformers. I wrote an engine ages ago for Game Maker platformers that uses these same basic concepts, and…

Celeste box art, by Amora and Pedro

“This is it, Madeline.
Why are you so nervous?

You can do this.”

Good afternoon, climbers! It’s a sweltering day here in Vancouver, and the air flow in our apartment is… not optimal. Our cats are unfazed, but I’ve gone into hiding to write this development update from the…

Hey everyone! I’ve got a pretty big announcement to share about our mountain-climbing platformer Celeste. I want to talk about release dates — let’s pretend the title didn’t already give it away. It isn’t the window we were originally hoping for, but we’re still very excited to announce a January…

Maddy Thorson

Makes games ❤ Celeste, TowerFall, Give Up Robot, Runman, Untitled Story, Jumper, etc

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