Four Years of Celeste

MarkAlarm’s Celeste-based Super Mario World romhack was released today after 3 years in development
TASBot Plays Celeste at SGDQ 2019, featuring Celeste Sound Designer Kevin Regamey on the couch
Fox VTuber Vicksy’s overjoyed reaction to finally collecting the Farewell Golden Strawberry
I asked Lena to pick a fan remix to embed here, and Ro Panuganti’s banger cover of First Steps came to mind for her immediately.
CarlSagan42 aaaaaalmost completes Farewell’s final challenge
Transparency’s excellent analysis of Celeste
Check out unagihatsuden’s twitter account — they’ve posted tons of adorable Celeste comics and fanart!



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Maddy Thorson

Maddy Thorson

Makes games ❤ Celeste, TowerFall, Give Up Robot, Runman, Untitled Story, Jumper, etc